Connecting to Serve ALL Students

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Today’s classrooms are comprised of students with a diverse range of abilities, learning styles and interests. Educators are responsible for providing students with instruction that enables all students to learn and achieve to the best of their ability. Designing flexible curriculum and instruction for diverse learners provides greater access to learning for all students.

Session Description

This session will be an interactive presentation and collaborative discussion on principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how to plan and implement strategies to improve student learning outcomes. Participants will explore components of UDL and develop strategies for meeting the needs of all students in the classroom.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles for curriculum development that provide all learners equal opportunities to learn. In this session participants will apply these principles to curriculum development to plan and implement strategies to improve student learning. Participants will identify resources and develop strategies to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.

Session Objectives

  • Participants will develop an understanding of how to provide instruction using UDL Principles.
  • Participants will analyze instructional practices using formative data.
  • Participants will develop differentiated strategies using the UDL principles based on formative data.
  • Participants will explore resources (as available) Home Base that will support problem solving.

Learning Outcomes

After this session participants will be able to:
apply concepts, resources and strategies that are aligned with UDL principles during curriculum development that will challenge and engage all students.

Today's Session

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Wrap Up and Evaluation

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